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 Easy ordering and worldwide delivery. Classic vintage looks, immaculate refurbished showroom condition motorcycles.

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Nova Classics is amongst top most trusted North American suppliers, specializing in Classic Royal Enfield Motorcycles. We bring you best value for your money and are best in our line of work. Real macho bikes are delivered at almost one third prices. Both vintage and masculine feeling. Enfield's strong engine and sound is a real head turner. 
We ship and deliver to your home and anywhere in the world,.   
Door delivery in entire Canada  Call Toll Free : 1-800-257-3919 for details... 

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 Set the road and every heart on fire.   

The Royal Enfield is a classic British marque whose first real motorcycle dates back to the year 1901. Since then, the bikes earned a reputation as steady, working machines. Their success after the second world war continues till today. These are practically made almost entirely by hand also come fitted with the vintage look sidecars.
   Free spares and accessories with each purchase. Toll Free : 1-800-257-3919

Enfield Bullet is still made in India today, practically as it was when Royal Enfield started production there. The one cylinder bike has stayed virtually unchanged during all those years and is now finding its way back to bike enthusiasts all over the world. The Indian manufacturer provides 350cc and 500c versions of the Bullet in various styles and very reasonable prices. All our bikes come from India and are delivered to you directly.

Customized Enfields are the best deals. Please see picture gallery for various models. Nova Classics gives you the finest handpicked Enfields. A 24 hour customer service is always at your service.


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