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Here are a selection of testimonials showing how NOVA CLASSICS helped many acquire their dream machines :

Hi, got the bike seat lowered so I can reach and it's great!! I get compliments all the time on it.

Thanks again, Geraldine, GA

Hey Gary!

The bike is awesome! It's already stopping everyone in the street. Runs real smoothly. You are going to get some good press from this thing. Gave a good word about nova classics to David at the royalenfields.com blog. You should see a pic and a write-up soon.

Thanks for everything!

Adam, NY

Gary, Just wanted to let you know that I am having an awesome time riding the RE you sent to me. It runs like a top, and thanks go to you for making this happen. A few buddies and I checked into shipping some of these for ourselves from Nepal when we were there in February but it was prohibitive for many financial and technical reasons. I am happy to have found your website and to have entrusted you with the mission of obtaining a bike for me. The personal touch of customization, spare parts, photos, as well as phone conversations, certainly allayed any fears that I initially did have. If people want a great bike at an even greater price, then look no further. I can roll this baby up beside a couple of dozen Harleys and suddenly no one is admiring the American metal anymore!! Chris & Katie - Calgary, AB, Canada

No other company can be so accomodating and professional. Great job. Karl - Manitoba, Canada

At first the prices seemed too good to be true. But you have proved me that online ordering is possible for these machine.I give you perfect ten. It has been a wonderful and exciting experience altogether. Steve - WA - Sept 2009

Great bargain, impeccable service, wonderful Enfields - full marks - Paul ---- ChopperManiacs---- PA

Both the bikes got delivered at home, fantastic, really great.Better than anyone in this business, NovaClassics is the best.......Karl, CA

Thanks for the excellent machine. Great job.

..............Roger, Syracuse, NY
Purchased : 350cc Military

"We were very skeptical about buying on the web ; even though the motorcycles looked great , we did not think that we would trust someone like this in actual sales. To say that we were surprised with the results would be an understatement. Our bike got shipped within a week of confirming up on the website page through online and reached us in 3 weeks time. The bike is lot better than we had thought and has stayed trouble free until now. Gary and his team put up a great job. 

James Ordway, President,  RS Labs, Inc., TX
Purchased: 500cc 

"Simply  through the roof.  I  only bought one used 350cc since was running low on budget but now it's as though we're a part of Internet history.  I received  a 1977 redone standard Bullet,  I compared and it would beat a 2006 make in any comparison. We'd like to congratulate Gary and his team and say thank you for your marvelous business."

Will Conner, AnimationXPRESS, UK
Purchased: 350cc

"Getting the right seller is not an easy task on the internet. I should know as I own one of the largest website promotion services online. I am always on the lookout for sites that can sell at a reasonable cost. However when I compared the cost of Refurbished Enfield offered by Nova v/s the amount charged by other used Enfield suppliers, I couldn't resist. I made the buy only to find that the choice was right. I am the proud owner of 1968 Heavy G2-Engine Enfield, totally customized to my designs and chromed all over. If you hang around Beverly greens you can catch me and the machine roaring away. Thank you all - I mean Gary, Alexia and others for the very fair price and for the great bike. Good luck and hit more on the roads."

Chris Matthias, Beverly Hills, CA
Purchased: Customized 1968 Classic 350cc.

I liked your prices, after sales service, your guys calling me up, spares, accessories , prompt replies and concern - Thanks - Al - Richmond, BC Canada

"While looking for a spare for my Enfield I chanced upon your website and has never seen the trust and honest business in my whole 20 year trading experience. Every aspect of transaction was smooth and it was obvious that you guys know these bikes from body to soul. No misunderstandings, no wrong messages, everything as planned and perfect to the finish. I've been interviewed by many magz and have won thousands of dollars in classic bike restorations. Yours have been the most cost-effective quality business I have ever conducted."

Steve , MN
Purchased: 350cc

"I bought 4 black RE Bullets for under $6000 and they proved to be multifold in their value when they arrived. .. I'm going to add another today!"

Chris Sutton, Galveston, TX
Purchased: 5 x 350cc Bullet Model

We first came across Nova Classics when Gary had just 7 clients in total (7th September 01). We could see that his idea was going to capture the imagination and explode, so we went for it and bought 3 Royal Enfield Army models in what was (at the time) primitive price after Sep 11. We were all alone up there and things were looking bad as entire businesses were closing overnight. We were simply happy to find that Nova was always in touch and gave all support - we are even happier when the bikes arrived in good shape though a month late. To this day we remain largest referrer for Nova Classics and they deserve that so.

Jose Nathan , Miami, FL
Purchased: 3 X 500cc Military Enfield

"We loved the idea of owning a Royal Enfield and thought we had nothing to lose by spending a few hundred dollars online. Wow! After just TWO WEEKS, we got the call from FLI Shipping that the crate has arrived. Impossible we thought , such an ease of online ordering, like getting some chopsticks from e-bay. We'll definitely be buying more gizmos and fixtures for our priceless Cafe Racer Trim Enfield. "

Steve and Pauline McDermott, Ascot, UK 
Purchased: Trim Customized Enfield 535cc.

"In December of 2005, I bought a 350cc Machismo style Enfield, US$1600 from your website. It was a open line, overhauled, fully redone bike. The bike runs for almost 150 miles every week in summers. Know how many visits to workshops I got? ZERO. Yes, that's ZERO. For the US$1600 I spent on your bike, I've gotten ten times that value and the spares you send never seems to run out."

Lester James , Rochester, NY
Purchased: 1981 make 350cc Enfield

"I am a recent customer (the 500cc classic trim vintage solo saddle) and I am very happy with the bike I got almost 5 dozen enquiries from folks on streets. Worth every cent."

Bob Williers, OR
Purchased: 500cc CLASSIC VINTAGE SOLO.

"Anyway just thought I'd let you know that much to my surprise the bikes do arrive and  these guys are working. That's more than I get from the heavy walled stores nearby! I haven't worked out how much its worth now or  this has brought to me, but my girlfriend and I have definitely gone up."

Benjamin Stevenson, Long Island, NY.
Purchased: 350cc All Red Enfield Bullet.

"Nova Classics has proved that one can buy these mean machines online without hassles. Fantastic investment for students like me who can change and sell often. Great idea which really works. Thanks Gary !"

Robert Whitcombe, Ipswich, UK
Purchased: 350cc Solo saddle make - 1972.

"On September 17, 2005, I had decided to do what I considered the most irresponsible investment I'd ever made. "Or... it could be your best ever investment!" was the short and simple answer of Gary Val. How right he was on that. Best engines tuning ever, I am enjoying every minute of it and best part is it gets more value to it by every passing day!"

Margret Zimmerman, Savannah, GA
Purchased: 500cc Peacock Blue+Chrome Enfield.

"Id like to share our delight with your beautiful Enfield Military with Side car and the impact it had on our lives. After 41 years of life as mechanic I decided to kick dirt and we (me and my wife) did a research of sorts on Enfields and their suppliers world over. Luckily we found Nova Classics and after a long and often embarrassing questioning we went ahead for the purchase. Being familiar with Enfield for long time did helped but all suspicions and unwanted thoughts just vanished as soon as I laid my eyes on that lovely crate. Could see through the gaps the bike well fixed and all wrapped. We cannot thank you guys for making our long cherished dream happen. God bless u."

Alan,  OR
Purchased: 500cc Military Enfield + Side car.

"Been really pleased with my $1800 worth 350cc 1974 Deluxe - I've had an amazing time with it."

Matthew Reed, Norwalk, CT
Purchased: 350cc Deluxe Red Enfield make 1974.

"An Enfield Bullet motorcycle in custom color, chrome and free spares and delivery - All in $1750! Not bad!"

David, Syracuse, NY

Purchased: 350cc Enfield Bullet All Black.

Nova has been a life-saver for my 500cc Enfield ! In October it was lying unused for want of spares for almost 3 months. I had paid to many suppliers but they didn't seem to know what I needed. Finally my two parcels arrived from Nova and it had everything (and even more) than I needed. It's the best online money I've spent ever. It really works! Keep the good work going."

Nick Lawrence, Columbus, OH
Purchased: 500cc Enfield spares.

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